Fresh Chicken Leg Piece curry cut

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Fresh Chicken Leg Piece curry cut

Meaty portions of our Chicken Curry Cut for speciality recipes and comforting family meals.

Our large Chicken Curry Cut pieces include two legs, two wings without tips, and two breast quarters with backbone. These large chicken pieces take a little longer to cook in comparison to when these pieces are cut down into smaller pieces. This makes it perfect for slow-cooked curries such as Thai Chicken Curry, Coconut Chicken Curry, Chicken Korma and more. These pieces remain juicy and turn tender once cooked.

The original pack contains 8-10 pieces of chicken while this saver pack contains 16-20 pieces. This pack is perfect for when you are cooking a large meal or for when you want to meal prep!

Hencock chickens are raised on bio-secure farms and are antibiotic-residue free.
Our chicken is stored in temperature-controlled conditions, between 0-4?, to ensure that it is chilled, never frozen. Order Hencock Chicken Curry Cut Large (Large Pack) online and get it home delivered.

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