Fresh Mutton Small Pieces (250 gms)

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Fresh Mutton Small Pieces (250 gms)

Cut from the shoulder, our Special Goat Biryani Cut - Shoulder has both bone-in and boneless pieces.

The red meat pieces have a moderate to strong flavour and firm texture. These pieces are best suited for making biryanis as they turn juicy and succulent when cooked.

These bone-in & boneless pieces have been cut specifically for Biryanis as they are ideal for slow-cooking. Use them for a rogan josh or biryani and you'll love it.

Our goats are raised on Licious-approved pastures and are the right age and weight for perfectly tender and succulent meat.

Once cut, our meat is fat-trimmed, cleaned, and hygienically vacuum packed.

Licious meats are temperature controlled at every stage between 0-4?. This ensures that the meat is chilled not frozen for freshness.

As our meats are pre-cleaned and cut, you can use them straight out of the pack. Order Special Goat Biryani Cut - Shoulder online & we'll deliver to your home!

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